First international symposium on marine recreational fishery (ISMAREF)

The Museum of the Sea in Vigo hosted the international seminar on recreational fishery ISMAREF (14-15 September). The goals of the seminar were to have a comprehensive view of the state of the art of research on recreational fishery and create a code of conduct for recreational fishing activities.

Many people took part to the seminar as representatives of researchers, ONGs of the sector, administrators and after each talk they exchanged opinions and critics on several aspects of recreational fishery.

The seminar embraced three big topics: biology and ecology, management and socio-economy.

Two of the talks were mainly focused on spearfishing. One by Dr. Valerio Sbragaglia (ISPRA) who presented a new approach based on data mining on YouTube to provide data that are extremely difficult to collect in the field. In particular, he presented a case study regarding the differences in the catches of the common dentex (Dentex dentex) between anglers and spearfishers in Italy during 2010 and 2016.

In the second talk, Oscar Sagué (IFSUA) presented the results on the evaluation of spearfishing in Spain. This work is the first national assessment only focused on spearfishing that we have evidence, and IFSUA’s aim is to repeat it periodically each year.

ISMAREF will probably become a regular meeting and we are looking forward to assist at the second edition. If you are interested in knowing more about ISMAREF and the talks that have been presented during the meeting, please visit the website: