Code of conduct

As previously announced in other articles, in September 2018 the First International Symposium for Marine Recreational Fisheries (ISMAREF) took place in Vigo (Spain). In addition to discussing among the attendees (administration, science and recreational fishermen) about the main challenges for an efficient management of recreational fisheries, they also worked on the creation of a code of conducts for the sector.

The resulting code is structured in three sections:

  • Security
  • Protection of the environment
  • Cooperation with science and administration

These are the main recommendations for spearfishers:


  • Be well informed about the place where you are going to fish
  • Know well your target species, especially those potentially dangerous
  • Communicate to someone who has your contact where you are going to fish
  • Improve your knowledge by attending to fishing and first aid courses
  • Check the weather forecast before your fishing trip
  • Mark your position correctly


  • Try to reduce the impacts of the activity that is going to be done
  • Know and comply with local regulations
  • Change fishing spots and targeted species now and then
  • Don’t shoot fish under legal size, nor those that are not going to be eaten


  • Join a fishing club or association
  • Participate in club activities and those of other sea users
  • Contribute to the dissemination, compliance and improvement of regulations on maritime fishing and defend our rights
  • Get involved in scientific initiatives
  • Collect information about the activity and experiences in a fishing log
  • Transmit knowledge to science and administration

We encourage you to comply with the principles of the code and, if you want to consult other more detailed recommendations, you can read the proposal made by IFSUA or those made in the Barcelona agreement.